Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Proposed Building Design

Sathyaye Panivudaya

(Message of the Truth)

by Ven. Bokundara Kusaladhamma Venerable Bokundara Kusaladhamma Thera of the Ingiriya, Madakada Aranya Senasanaya has written a valuable Dhamma book 'Sathyaye Panividaya' ('The Message of the Truth') explaining the Four Noble Truths. Departing from the traditional approach to the Four Noble Truths seen so far, the Thera has adopted a new analytical aspect of approaching the subject. Professor Ariyapala Perera in the preface mentions that this novel approach would be of immense benefit to those with wisdom.

The Buddhist concept, the Four Noble Truths, The Noble Truth of Dukkha, The Noble Truth of the Cause of Dukkha, The Noble Truth of the End of Dukkha and The Noble Truth of The Path leading to the end of Dukkha are analytically discussed by the author and the last two chapters make the reader knowledgeable on the many aspects of the Law of Moral Causation (Kamma) and the result of Moral Causation (Kamma Vipaka).

Professor W.S. Karunaratne and Professor Chandima Wijebandara also have appreciated the novel approach adopted in this book by the Venerable author where many discourses of the Buddha are explained in a lucid manner.

Ven. Kusaladhamma has taken much effort to explain the Four Noble Truths with extracts from many discourses such as Alagaddupama Sutra, Rohita Sutra, Chula Sachchaka Sutra, Upali Sutra, Wadaki Sutra, Ratana Sutra, Maha Parinirvana Sutra, Chakkavatti Sinhanada Sutra, Devida Vitakka Sutra, Hemawatha Sutra, Dhammachakka Pavaththana Sutra, Kalara Kattiya Sutra, Maha Hattipadopama Sutra, Gothama Sutra, Kachchayana Gotta Sutra, Maha Kattarika Sutra, Ambalattika Rahulovada Sutra etc.

The book is not for sale but strictly for free distribution. The cover is adorned by a picture of the Saranath Mulagandha Kuti Vihara statue.

The printing cost of ten thousand copies is donated by Vaidya Shiromani Dr. N. Jayasinghe of Siri Vedha Medura of Uragala, Ingiriya and the book is dedicated to the Venerable author's preceptor the chief incumbent of the Madakada Aranya Senasanaya, the Most Venerable Ampitiye Mangala Thera.

The book is to be distributed free on the Vesak Poya Day at the Madakada Aranya and also could be obtained thereafter at the Aranya or from Siri Veda Medura at Uragala, but would not be sent by post.


Monday, 21 May 2007

“Madakada Aranya” - Ingiriya

“Madakada Aranya” is situated in Ingiriya and one of the premier “Vipassana” meditation centers in the country. It also has branches in places such as Navinna, Salgala and few other places in the country. Contribution of this center for religious well being of Sri Lankan’s as well as for foreigners are invaluable.

Presently there are about 16 resident bhanthes and 7 resident laymen practicing “Vipassana” meditation at any given time. As it is our Buddhist way of life they have been well looked after by devotees in their day to day needs.

Trends in Sri Lanka

Presently more and more people are realising the value of “Vipassana” meditation and demand for meditation centers are high. This trend is high among the young people, including university students.

The Need

“Madakada Aranya” has out grown its capacity to cater additional demand. Incumbent bhanthe Venerable Ampitiye Mangala Thero planning to build minimum of 10 meditation rooms and other facilities such as toilet and bath rooms.

Present Status of the project

Architectural drawings has being prepared with special focus on economical construction methods to minimize cost.

Very conservative estimate at this stage is around Rs 3,000,000.00 for all ten units with toilets and bathrooms.

This facility will help people to continue meditation. This project will add merits to all of us, for years to come.